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Hawaii Fruit Tea With Aiyu Jelly


An ice-cold tea, with a mixture of different fruity flavors but has a good amount of sweetness. A healthy feel of green tea with a delicious flavor of orange syrup and grapefruit. It also has a jelly like texture with little taste of pineapple jam.

Honey Lemonade With Aloe Vera


A drink with a good balance of sweet and sour lemon flavor. The aloe vera makes you feel more refreshed when you drink this.

Kiwi Fruit Tea With Aiyu Jelly


A delicious tea with a combination of sweetness added with orange syrup and a sour kiwi flavor. It’s blended with lemon juice and has a jelly texture.

Mango & Passion Fruit Tea


Sweet mango flavor, with a delicious taste of passion fruit. This ice cold fruit tea is refreshing.

Mango Green Milk Tea


Milky and creamy taste, added by mango puree and green tea flavor added with ice making this a good drink for a hot day.

Passion Fruit, Orange And Grapefruit Tea


A cold drink with a taste of passion fruit, orange and grapefruit mixed together. Sweet and refreshing with a green tea flavor.

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea


Mixture of different fruity flavors, sweetness of lychee with a bit of brown sugar, mixed pearl with herb to add a jelly texture. It still has a creamy black tea taste and added with ice for a refreshing drink.

Strawberry Tea Black


Our signature Black Tea is mixed with a strawberry syrup to give it a more refreshing taste.

Winter Melon Tea


A cold drink of winter melon with a good amount of sweetness and fruity flavor.

Winter Melon With Lemon Juice


A refreshing drink with a taste of lemon juice, added by the sweetness of winter melon syrup.