Our Philosophy

High Reputation
The best tea needs the best ingredients and we insist on the best for you. Therefore, our ingredients are from reputable and qualified suppliers.
Brand New Market Positioning

  • Natural, healthy and trendy
  • Professional and innovative
  • Simple, convenient, free and relaxing
  • Lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS)

Management Principle
We are committed to:

  • promoting natural organic drinks
  • providing the finest tea drinking experience
  • satisfying a variety of taste buds and health needs through delicious drinks
  • being a valuable source of health information for our customers

Store Layout & Design
We use black, white and to represent energy and ambition. The symbolism of these colors include harmonious communication, pursuing perfection, passion, ambition and calmness. All stores are created to provide a warm and joyful quality atmosphere to our customers.
We pay attention to

  • Store location and design
  • Convenience
  • Efficient facilities
  • Interesting design
  • Fun and refreshing decoration
  • Welcoming ambiance
  • Comfortable atmosphere