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Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Black / Green / Oolong)


Milky and creamy flavor with a good amount of sweetness added with boba pearls, so delicious and refreshingly cool!

Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea


Milky cold drink with black tea and Hokkaido flavor, so creamy added by boba pearls making a good mixture of sweetness.

Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea


A cold drink of Okinawa flavor, with black tea with a creamy taste and with pearls that adds more tastefulness.

Oreo Ice Blended With Pearl


Ice cold drink with Hokkaido flavor with pearls, creamy and sweet blended with Oreo cookies.

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea


Mixture of different fruity flavors, sweetness of lychee with a bit of brown sugar, mixed pearl with herb to add a jelly texture. It still has a creamy black tea taste and added with ice for a refreshing drink.

Taro Pearl Milk Tea


Milky tea with boba pearls. Main ingredient is taro powder with a creamy taste and added with ice to make this drink cool and delicious.