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Classic Milk Tea (Black / Green / Oolong)


A deliciously cold drink – sweet and milky with a strong taste of creamy black tea.

Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Black / Green / Oolong)


Milky and creamy flavor with a good amount of sweetness added with boba pearls, so delicious and refreshingly cool!

Coffee Milk Tea


Coffee flavored with a creamy taste added by a strong tea flavor and a little bit of sweetness.

Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea


Milky cold drink with black tea and Hokkaido flavor, so creamy added by boba pearls making a good mixture of sweetness.

Honey Milk Tea


Honey flavored milk tea, with a creamy taste and added by a sweetness of honey, a refreshing cold drink.

Mango Green Milk Tea


Milky and creamy taste, added by mango puree and green tea flavor added with ice making this a good drink for a hot day.

Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea


A creamy taste of matcha, with red bean, still with a milky flavor and a deliciously ice cold drink.

Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea


A cold drink of Okinawa flavor, with black tea with a creamy taste and with pearls that adds more tastefulness.

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea


Mixture of different fruity flavors, sweetness of lychee with a bit of brown sugar, mixed pearl with herb to add a jelly texture. It still has a creamy black tea taste and added with ice for a refreshing drink.

Taro Pearl Milk Tea


Milky tea with boba pearls. Main ingredient is taro powder with a creamy taste and added with ice to make this drink cool and delicious.